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3 Quick Tips for Commissioning a Piece of Art

Commissioning an art work can be a very personal experience. Instead of the art being about the artist's ideas, it is about something that has an emotional connection to you. It is a way to remember a special place or moment in your life. A painting cam be a way to take you back to that special time. Here are a few things to think about when commissioning your own piece...

1. Where will it hang? Do you have a specific location for the piece? If so you will need to consider the context of the piece including the size and meduim. For example, if it is in the kitchen you might want a piece that is under glass that can be cleaned easily. Or if it is in a larger area, size might be a preference because it needs to fill a particular space.

2. You will also need to consider the format. Will it be oriented in a lanscape or portrait format? Also what color scheme do you prefer? And what medium is your preference? What format fits the image that you have in mind?

3. Timing is another consideration. Planning ahead is to your benefit. The summer is usually a down time for artists, so that is a good time to schedule a comission. The holidays are usually very busy for artists and so it might take more time to get it done. Remember that it takes time to make a piece of art. Drying time and other material issuses can be a factor.

Below is a commission I did for a friend. Shown is the framed pieced, the refernce photo and a detail.

If you are interested in having your own custom piece of art, fill out the commision worksheet to get started! Commission Worksheet | Nancy Andruk Olson

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