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Come join me at Pinners in Boise Idaho! On Firday April 26th at 3:30 PM

Kits will be available for pre purchase soon! Join my email list to get the link as soon as it comes out!

This class called "Metallic FLower Garden will focus on learing how to use metallica paints.

Learn how to make your paintings POP! During this class where you will learn this easy technique to make fun and vibrant flowers. Using black watercolor paper and handmade metallic paint you will learn a variety of floral patterns that you will be able to replicate at home. 


This kit comes in letter size reusable zipper pouch and includes:

Metallic handmade watercolor set
Black watercolor paper
Test paper for sampling colors

Flower Garden Reference Handout 

Instructional Handout

Pencil pouch with 4 oil pastels, paint brush, pencil, circle stencil

Pinners Boise Class on April 26th

Excluding Sales Tax