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36 Full Pans of handmade watercolor in silver tin

Colors include:

Cadmuim Red

Lumi Pink

Ruby Mica

Venetian Red

Red Iron Oxide

Lumi Orange

Orange Cream Mica

Orange Ochre

Yellow Ochre

Canary Mica

Mickel Yellow Cadmuim Yellow

Lumi Yellow

Vert Clair

Forest Mica

Terre Verte

Turquoise Mica

Chromium Green

Azure Blue

Blue Mica

Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue

Mayan Blue

Black Lava Mica

Ultramarine Violet

Ultramarine Red

Rose magenta

 Liquid Fire Mica

Rose Mica

Alizarin Pink

Rose Gold Mica

Zinc White

Titanium White

Silver Mica

Vine Gray

Real Indigo


36 Full Pan Tray

Excluding Sales Tax
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